Complex nominals

Linguistic Indexes used in Lexical Complexity Analyzer


Measures of Lexical Density and Sophistication

 ld lexical density
 ls1 lexical sophistication-I
 ls2 lexical sophisitication-II
 vs1 verb sophistication-I
 vs2 verb sophistication-II
 cvs1 corrected VS1

Measures of Lexical Variation

 ndw number of different words
 ndwz first 50 words
 ndwerz expected random 50
 ndwesz expected sequence 50
 ttr type/token ratio
 msttr mean segmental TTR
 cttr corrected TTR
 rttr root TTR
 logttr bilogarithmic TTR
 uber uber index
 lv lexical word variation
 vv1 verb variation-I
 svv1 squared VV1
 cvv1 corrected VV1
 vv2 verb variation-II
 nv noun variation
 adjv adjective variation
 advv aderb variation
 modv modifier variation

Linguistic Indexes used in L2 Syntactic Complexity Analyzer

9 structures in the text:

  1. words (W)
  2. sentences (S)
  3. verb phrases (VP)
  4. clauses (C)
  5. T-units (T)
  6. dependent clauses (DC)
  7. complex T-units (CT)
  8. coordinate phrases (CP)
  9. complex nominals (CN)

14 syntactic complexity indices of the text:

  1. mean length of sentence (MLS)
  2. mean length of T-unit (MLT
  3. mean length of clause (MLC)
  4. clauses per sentence (C/S)
  5. verb phrases per T-unit (VP/T)
  6. clauses per T-unit (C/T)
  7. dependent clauses per clause (DC/C)
  8. dependent clauses per T-unit (DC/T)
  9. T-units per sentence (T/S)
  10. complex T-unit ratio (CT/T)
  11. coordinate phrases per T-unit (CP/T)
  12. coordinate phrases per clause (CP/C)
  13. complex nominals per T-unit (CN/T)
  14. complex nominals per clause (CN/C)